Sometimes I buy things and really, really like them. Other times I buy things and they’re just a bit rubbish. I talk about some of those things here.

review: Anker Powerline Lightning Cables

After the failure of my last attempt to find a quality lightning cable, I mentioned I’d be reviewing these cables “in the next eight months”: Well, apparently I was bang on the money, because after using these cables every day for the better part of a year, I feel I’m ready to talk about why, whilst I’m not the biggest fan, I will be buying more of these!

review: Blitzwolf Braided Lightning Cables

Anyone who owns a recent Apple device knows the pain of Apple’s terrible quality Lightning cables, and the awful knockoffs that can be found for almost pennies on the high street these days. I finally got fed up of the six-month replacement cycle and decided to begin my search for the best third-party Lightning cable.

review: Logitech MX Anywhere 2

The scrollwheel issues alone ruin this mouse for me, and that’s a shame because this is otherwise a really nice mouse! It tracks incredibly, it’s comfortable, it’s a great size and it looks fantastic, but I work with 20-page long documents all day and I can’t get by with a scrollwheel which is as good as useless.